H&N MEATS Vision
At H&N farms located in Prince Frederick Maryland we aim to provide our customers with high quality naturally pasture raised, antibiotic and growth hormone free meat at affordable prices so that all families can enjoy the superior taste and health benefits of non-commercially grown pork. We will continue to create new and innovative ways to sustainably produce fresh pork products at affordable prices. At H&N farm we strive daily to create happy, active, and nurturing environments for our animals to spend their lives in. Growing as happy and natural as they possibly can without the stresses that commercially grown animals are confronted with. We believe that if you take out all the non-natural processes that our society has developed to mass produce meat you will be left with many benefits.

Our passion is to provide healthy, natural and chemical free meats to our local community and at the same time be stewards to this great land that we have so close to our community's number one resource the Chesapeake bay. We want to be able to pass on a fertile and productive farming operation to many generations to come and allow local families to enjoy locally raised meat products at prices everyone can afford. I felt compelled to share our passion and methods with our future customers and would like to give many thanks for taking the time to read this. Have a great day!

About Products & Animals

At H&N Farms we do not have huge piles of animal waste or cisterns and retention ponds that are ecological disasters waiting to happen. We slowly add biomass waste to our land in a way that fertilizes but does not create nutrient and bacterial rich runoff. This is accomplished with rotational grazing and larger areas for the animals to roam and forage dispersing the waste over large areas. The second benefit to our style of raising pigs is there is no reason for us to give our animals antibiotics due to the fact that again we do not have bacteria rich waste build up and due to mother nature are able to keep our pig paddocks very clean disease is not nearly as prevalent in our animals. Our pigs graze the land and woodlands foraging for foods that are natural to their digestive system such as nuts, berries, grass, bugs , roots and legumes. This balanced diet supplemented by locally grown grain and produce will create a very lean, healthy, protein rich pork that will not be filled with antibiotics or hormones. At H&N Farms we do not ever give our animals any hormones for any reason. We patiently feed our animals and let them grow at a sustainable and natural rate.

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